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What is Colorblind Casting and its cause?

It is not uncommon to see casting director using white actors instead of Blacks or Asians in stage or films, even though they may not match the original description of the playwright. Many people take it as colorblind casting, which is the non-traditional casting without considering the actor’s ethnicity. However, it is just a partial meaning of this term. In practice, colorblind casting has a broader usage. It can be white people who play the role of black. In turn, black people can also be cast the characters that used to be performed by the whites, although it is rare. In addition, this term is not only shown on the casting process but a principle that can be utilized when the playwright creates the characters. Under this guidance, the author does not point out the races of the characters and makes it has more space for casting.

Why people have so many negative views toward colorblind casting is because the lack of diversity in the amusement industry has existed for a long time. The rare chances for minorities to be cast are not only detrimental to the actor’s career lives but also ignore the profits of minority groups. While many reviewers believe nowadays diversity is increasing, the all-white acting nominations unveiled in 2020 BAFTA has made the public disappointed. To achieve diversity, we still have a long way to go, and colorblind casting should be used as the promoter instead of an obstacle.