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ULEZ expansion to effect 10,000 Londoners financially and socially

Photo Credit: Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder and Nick Dunning

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan has announced that London’s ULEZ zone will be expanded to cover the whole of greater London by August 2023

This comes despite 80% of consultation respondents rejecting the idea of expansion.  

The Action against ULEZ Expansion group have stated that the ULEZ expansion will leave social lives, work and commutes upended for many of its members.

Video Credit: Nick Dunning and Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder

With rising energy bills and the cost of living crisis already having a devastating effect on the publics finances, many cannot afford to buy a new car that meets the compliance. 

Many disagree with the idea of a compliant vehicle all together. Karen Graham, from Bromley states: “ My car has just flew through its MOT…emissions are actually low as stated by a mechanic.” 

Despite this, if the ULEZ expansion does go ahead Graham will no longer be able to care for her elderly friend, who she presently visits six days a week. Graham states: “It breaks my heart… I think the world of her.” 

Richard Alexandrou, a security guard from Greenwich, has been trying to change his career for the sake of his physical and  mental health. Alexandoru has been offered a new job, but: “I couldn’t take the job as it’s just within the ULEZ which would be another £3500 per year I’d have to find.” 

Rich Austin, London bought a new car with an eco-diesel engine, on the advice of the the government and Sadiq Khan a couple of years ago. Austin states that this car is now not considered ULEZ compliant and he has been advised to scrap the car for £1000.  “I was given bad advice that is set to put me in severe financial hardship and a lot of debt,”: says Austin.

Khan has stated the current ULEZ zone has been:“transformational,” cutting toxic fumes in the capital by more than half. 

TFL say only 200,000 non compliant cars who drive in London daily will be effected. 

The Mayor has stated he wishes to deliver cleaner air to 5 Million more Londoners.  

10,000 people have joined the Action Against ULEZ Expansion Facebook page in response to this. The head of the campaign says they’re just getting started.