Thursday, June 20News For London

UK Experiences Bitter Cold and Wintry Mix

This morning, much of the United Kingdom awakened to frosty, ice, and snowy conditions as a cold front brought in brutal winter weather. Northern England and Scotland are seeing the most dangerous effects, but winter will be visiting all locations in the next days.

Scattered snow showers have been developing across Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Northern England overnight and will continue through the day on Tuesday. The snow is most persistent and heaviest in coastal and hilly areas, where totals could reach up to 3 cm in isolated spots. But even away from the snow, slick icy patches are making roads and sidewalks extremely hazardous.

“We’ve already had several accidents this morning, most of which were caused by icy conditions,” said Northumberland County spokesman Mark Wallace. “If you must travel today, do so with extreme caution.”

Today’s highs will struggle to rise above freezing in coastal and northern locations, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 3 degrees Celsius at most. With the frigid north wind blowing, it will feel even colder. Tonight’s clear and quiet weather will allow temperatures to drop as low as -4 degrees Celsius.

A bitter northerly breeze is continuing blowing in winter weather across Wales and southern England, although precipitation prospects are significantly lower. There may still be some light wintry showers over the Welsh hills, but generally it will be cold and gloomy. Highs of 3 to 5 degrees Celsius are expected, with overnight lows near freezing.

This blast of early winter weather looks to continue over the next couple days for much of the UK. Northern and western areas are likely to see additional bands of wintry precipitation, while frost and ice remain dangers everywhere each night under clear skies. Stay safe and keep an eye on forecasts as we head further into winter weather, at least for the time being. Snow and ice accumulations might cause travel interruptions and perilous circumstances.