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Twitter users react as the platform rolls out payment plan

The policy to make users  pay $8 for verification is Elon Musk’s first official decision since purchasing the social media platform.

There has been an uproar following the new Twitter policy that demands users with the blue verification badge pay $8 per month to retain their verification.

Users are upset  about the proposed payment because over the years, verification  has been given for free.

In October, Musk gave Twitter workers an ultimatum to create paid verification on its platform, and since then, there has been high rate of cut down of staff by the businessman.

According to reports, Twitter updated its app on Apple’s store to charge for the $8 for verification,.

WestminsterWorld spoke to some users of Twitter users including journalists and students on what they think about the decision of Musk. 


Londoners speak on verification fee

Dickens Olewe, a journalist, who has been using the app since 2009  for networking and information gathering  said: “Elon Musk is running this platform like an American platform, it is not but a global platform. The $8 dollars might not been too expensive for people in American but  most person especially outside America can’t afford it.”

Aine Edwards, is an artist who uses the app for its entertainment content. She wondered why people who are already famous would have to pay to get the verification badge attached to their name.

In spite of all the upheaval on the platform, Edwards expressed doubt that users would leave the app because of the payment.

Student, Nina Yaminah Daneshvar, said that twitter users who need to be recognised should pay for the verification link but doubt that the removal of the blue tick would affect users’ message.

Edited by Nneoma Ekwegh and Krithika Iyer