Sunday, May 26News For London

Transport affected by the snow. Motorways and Airports close for safety.

Credits: Francesco Fiori

A snowstorm flooded London last night, forcing people to stop driving in the middle of the motorway A406 between Hanger Lane and Brent Cross. Flights Cancelled and some delayed.

Freezing weather has hit London in the past few days, and last night needed a few hours of snow to block the M406 and stay cold for the rest of the week.

Drivers had to stop driving their cars due to the road conditions. Cars were sliding, and impossible to carry on with their journeys.

James Lucas, 39, TK Maxx manager, from West London said, “On my way back home last night, I saw that there was quite a heavy snow, but I did not put my snow chains on. I didn’t know that I could be stuck in the motorway because of it.” 

“I drove all the way from Kew Gardens retail Park until After Hanger Lane, and I was on my way to Brent Cross when I noticed my car start to float on my left and side. When I tried to arrest my car I totally lost control of it and when I finally could stop, I had to use the chain otherwise I could not go back home as many people saw it blocked because without chains”.

Among the locations with fresh snow Last night in Northwest London, there was 2 cm of snow.

Credits Francesco Fiori

Motorways were the most affected by the weather conditions creating confusion and difficulty for those involved.

Even the Airports had to cancel flights because of the intense snow that made the flights unsafe. This morning everything is back to normal, according to the BBC weather forecast, this snow will last for at least four days. 

Alex Pearce, 29, customer assistant, from North London said, “I am supposed to take a flight next Wednesday, but I am not sure if this will happen. If this weather doesn’t change and carry on with snow and ice, certainly my flight will be cancelled. Now I am waiting and checking during the day if my flight’s status changes”.