Sunday, December 4News For London

Thousands joined the People’s Assembly march demanding for a general election

Protest by People’s Assembly campaign group call for immediate action on the cost of living crisis

Huge crowd marched the streets of central London participating in “Britain is Broken” protest to demand for an immediate general election amid the cost of living crisis.

The “Britain is Broken” protest took place along the Embankment on Saturday afternoon and was arranged by the People’s Assembly after the hold up of Just Stop Oil, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Extinction Rebellion. The demonstration was attended by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Secretary-General of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT), Mick Lynch who addressed the crowd.

Edited by: Neha Tekawade

Protesting in Trafalgar Square, Emily, 25, a member of the Social Alternative said: “Working people have power and can fight back as they have made demands that have been conceded to like the RMT in talks with the rail buses.”

The People’s Assembly said protesters are demanding an immediate general election, action on the low pay crisis and an end to the outsourcing and privatisation of the NHS. 

“We want working-class people to join us on this day to demonstrate how angry and determined we are and fight the new wave of austerity the government is forcing on us,said Ramona McCartney from People’s Assembly.

Anti-racism groups also joined the march, demanding the removal of Suella Braverman as home secretary. She has been heavily criticised recently towards her attitude and response toward the crisis that occurred in the asylum centre in Kent and describing them as an “invasion on the southern coast.”

Maha , 55, a protestor in the People’s Assembly march said: “She [Suella Braverman] has no idea of the people’s struggle who seek asylum and has a very inhumane approach towards immigrants and asylum seekers, and therefore, should be removed.”

Credit: Saniya Patel

The Conservative party is under no obligation to call a general election until 2024. Nevertheless, many have pointed out that there have been two changes of leadership in the last couple of months which have been unelected and decided by the party itself. Henceforth, many believe that the mandate is outdated and an election should be called.