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The rise of Rental Fashion

Rental fashion is taking over giving you a chance to rent the most luxury streetwear in the industry.

Now that London fashion week is on its way, taking place on the 16th & 17th of February 2019.

We get to know the prices of the most highly anticipated streetwear brands such as Off-white by designer Virgil Abloh with prices starting from £900.

                                                                           Off White jacket by Virgil Alboh


With the rise of the value of these new brands we also get to experience the rise of rental fashion.

Alize Demange, who has just opened a pop up shop in London is giving the chance to young people to rent designer items, trying to create a new trend.

                                                              Alize Demange at her pop up store 


The stylist admits that in a world where fast fashion rules the high street, there is still a challenge to convince people to spend money on clothes they won’t own outright.

She explained that there’s a bit of a stigma behind it, there’s an idea that it’s not as cool to not actually own that item.

The store’s main motto is to fight the sad idea forced on everyone that you have to own something in its entirety to prove you could afford it.As a lot of experts agree that people no longer want to own something as much as we want to experience it.

The 27 year old said “An iconic bag you might want to wear for a week but not want to invest all the money into buying it.”

The store will allow you to rent items such as a Neneh Cherry homage T-shirt for less than £10 or a Marques Almeida jacket worth over £1000 for £200.

As she is also in discussions with brands launching their own rental services and believes we will see a huge growth in the industry over the next two years.

The store is all about streetwear which she suffered to promote in the beginning of her career linking it to urban music, No one wanted to use or thought they would make money out of it.

There’s a direct link between the rise of urban music and how streetwear has become a luxury product.

The entrepreneur said: “It’s been phenomenal for me and important for people I grew up with that we have representation within our culture and community and on a mainstream and global level,”

                                                               Rihanna arriving at JFK airport September 2018

“I think it’s become more acceptable to dress in streetwear on a day to day basis and not feel like it’s ghettoised or from a specific community.”