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The new trailer for Harry and Meghan’s documentary sparks debate

The new trailer for the much anticipated documentary was released today, and is set to premiere on 8th December.

Ever since the first teaser trailer was released for Harry and Meghan’s documentary on 1st December, the world has awaited with bated breath to see what the controversial former royals will say about life behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

Now, Netflix have released a new trailer for the six-episode documentary, which is set to air the first three episodes on the streaming platform on 8th December, with the other three episodes to be released on 15th December.

The trailer shows new and unseen photos of the couple. However, a new element of the trailer is two other interviewees, one of them being tech entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy. Both he and Jenny Afia, who is the lawyer of Meghan Markle are defenders of Harry and Meghan.

However, what do students from University of Westminster think? Westminster World went to find out.

“I think it will be beneficial to see how Harry and Meghan were treated, because a lot of people slated on them,” Art student, Holly said.

“I didn’t know they were making a documentary,” Titus said. “But I support them in what they’re doing. If they get to share their side fully in the documentary, then I think they should.”

On the other hand, a student who wishes to remain anonymous said:

“We need to see what the content of the documentary will be. I think it would be wiser for them not to be talking about sensitive issues in the Royal Family.”

The reaction online has been mixed. Stella posted on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Jodi B posted:

With the release of the documentary, it is likely that there will be more debate about Harry and Meghan in the future.