Saturday, March 25News For London

The first ever nurses strike is expected this winter, causing possible major NHS disruption

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) calls for a 15% increase in nurses’ salary to cover high inflation rates

Edited by: Kedar Wadje and Hera Kruja

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has warned that “large swathes” from its 300,000 members have voted for national strike over pay. This is a historical moment as it will be the first and greatest nursing strike in RCNs 106-year history. The strike is expected to happen before Christmas and cause major NHS disruption.

According to The Guardian the RCN says that there is workforce crisis and that the “exploitation of nursing staff cannot be tolerated any longer.”

The largest nursing union, RCN, also called for a 15% increase in nurses’ salary, in order to cover high inflation rates. It is important to note that the entry nursing salary is £27,055 while many of them work additional hours in order to be able to cover their expenses.

Valerie Johnson, 61, retired nurse, said: “It’s got to a point where nurses are fed up for not being paid for what they do.” She also added: “Enough is enough.”  

The strike is anticipated to cause further delays in patient’s appointments, when non-urgent activities will be postponed or cancelled. There is also a worry of major waiting time in operational services.

Yuxin Wu, 22, NHS patient, said: “I am concerned about the strike that it will affect the hospital and it will impact the patients, too.”

More information is expected to be gathered over the following weeks, with more nurse representatives and officials stating their side of the story.