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Study finds that Covid-19 may have been manufactured

Photo Credit: World Health Organisation

Scientists claim to have found ‘synthetic fingerprints in the Covid-19 virus which suggest it may have been manufactured in a lab.

The study by Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory concludes that the fingerprint is ‘anomalous in wild coronaviruses, and common in lab-assembled viruses’.

While the study is yet to be peer reviewed, its findings have the potential to reveal just how the virus appeared.

Covid-19’s emergence in Wuhan, China was initially blamed on infected bats which were sold at the Huanan Seafood market.

Video Credit: Nick Dunning and Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder

Debate continues while scientists search for the cause of the virus. Members of the public remain open-minded on the issue.

Sophia, 22, Essex was concerned about the idea of a manufactured virus stating: “if it is for political reasons, or more than that, it’s quite dangerous to know that that can be done.”

Sue, 61, London was unsure: “who can say, these things do not just appear, whatever one party says another counters. It’s propaganda.” 

Tiago, 37 from London didn’t want to rule out any theories: “I don’t know, but it’s possible.”