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The AI revolution has arrived and this is what young Londoners think about it.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has taken the whole world by surprise with its unimaginable capabilities. What used to be a far-fetched idea in the world of technology has now become a thought-provoking reality. 

Be it any industry, AI is reshaping the workflows of millions of companies, and even individuals- empowering them with accurate, efficient, optimised output and human-like decision-making capabilities. From billion-dollar tech giants to healthcare systems and students, AI has managed to build its presence in everyone’s work lives, making tasks way more simpler and efficient. 

With this massive revolution taking place in today’s day and age, everyone has a perspective on it. We asked young Londoners what they think about AI and its implications. This is what they had to say:

It is quite evident that AI’s popularity is increasing day by day, just as are its functioning capabilities and efficiency. Today, the possibilities of incorporating AI in workflows are seemingly endless. But with every big revolution in the tech industry comes a question: Is it all for our good? 

The two core principles of Artificial Intelligence- advanced machine learning and interpretation of vast amounts of data, can cause more damage than good if not tackled properly. In an open discussion, tech billionaire and Twitter CEO Elon Musk said that AI could cause “civilization destruction,” even though he is increasingly involved in the development of AI functions in his own companies and ventures (via CNN). 

AI algorithms can analyze and interpret huge amounts of data and detect patterns within, which can further lead to breakthroughs in the field of science, medicine, finance, etc. Although critics have argued about the unethical use of data and that data breaches can cause potential privacy harm. 

The major argument against the rise of AI is the socio-economic consequences that it can have. We have already seen products and services that have come out of the AI revolution replacing lots of manual workflows and redundant jobs with optimised automation. ChatGPT, one of the most famous AI softwares today, can engage in conversations while augmenting human-like thinking, which can further generate accurate responses to a number of commands. Products like MidJourney and DALL-E can create endless stunning visuals with just a simple prompt. As AI systems become more advanced, it is feared that they can replace a lot of creative and redundant jobs, leading to human unemployment and economic instability. 

Amidst all the chaos, it is quite evident that AI is indeed a huge breakthrough in the field of tech, and its implications can create major breakthroughs in the world that we live in today. With the ever-changing nature of today’s age, it will be quite interesting to see how AI changes its course over time.