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Marrakech: Cheap and Chic

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With the bank holiday imminent, don't let it sneak up on you without planning in advance. If you're aiming for a quick, cheap getaway, look no further than Marrakech. You'll be in for a Middle Eastern treat. By Hayley Daen. Sub Editor Danae Diz   Certain cities have a particular draw to artistic, creative types looking for inspiration and a place to decompress. When the beatniks sought refuge from the constraints of Western society, they fled to Tangiers, ready to live a life of anonymous indulgence amidst the heat and spice of the city. Today, it seems that Marrakech is the place to be. With flights from London Gatwick starting at just £32 one-way on EasyJet, a quick weekend visit needn't break the bank. The city is awash in a heady mix of dust and saffron. It is a ha
London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

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London proudly hosts the biggest Chinese New Year's parade outside China. With a community of 120,000 people, the Chinese have become one of the largest minorities in the capital. Join them celebrating their culture. Reporter: Cristiana Ferrauti @Cristiana16492 Sub-editor: Jipsa George Londoners will join the Chinese community this February to celebrate Chinese New Year on a large and colourful scale. On Sunday, 22. February, dragon and lion dances, and a parade will happen in Chinatown and around Trafalgar Square from 10am on to welcome "The Year of the Goat". The feast in the British capital is known as the biggest outside Asia. Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in China. Fireworks, parades and stage shows along with many other