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Anti-Valentine’s Day and its myriad interpretations

Culture, International
Valentine’s Day has its positive and negative connotations around the world. Reporter: Sohini Sinha Sub-editor: Jaideep Vaidya It's that time of the year again — Valentine's Day — when couples around the world declare their undying love for one another, or maybe not. Anti-Valentine’s Day is a celebration of life by people who enjoy being single, be it in London or Los Angeles. It serves as a suitable alternative to Valentine’s Day. Some call it Singles Awareness Day, a day for people who are not involved in a romantic relationship, all done in good humour. On this day many people wear green, as it is the complementary opposite of red. Some also celebrate it as International Quirkyalone Day, a term coined by To-Do List magazine publisher, Sasha Cagen. It was started in 2003 as