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S.O.D.E.M protesters call for Brexit reversal

Anti-Brexit supporters call for Brexit reversal before Prime Minister’s Question Time session at Westminster Abbey

Image credit: Mihir Chittar

Protesters from S.O.D.E.M (Stand of Defiance European Movement) called for a reversal on Brexit outside Westminster Abbey on 7th December 2022. The protests come days after allegations were made about Conservative peer Michelle Moone amassing an estimated £ 29 million from a PPE company’s profits. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed ‘shock’ at the allegations.

The protests also came on the day of the Prime Minister’s Question Time, which was to be held in the afternoon at the House of Commons.

Speaking to Westminster World, Steve Bray, the founder of S.O.D.E.M said: “This government lied to the country to get Brexit done. They lied about PPE.”

He further continued: “They’ve been awarding their friends, their family, their mates with pubs PPE contracts that run into tens of billions of pounds.”

Bray was a part of a small group of protesters that stood outside Westminster Abbey, playing songs of protest on loudspeakers and calling on the public to vote for the removal of the Conservative leadership. The group also waved banners and placards with messages against Brexit.

Peter Beagan, a member of S.O.D.E.M for the last five years said: “It (Brexit) has been obscured by Covid and the Ukrainian situation. But now, statistics are beginning to show that we’re performing much worse than other European countries who have had exactly the same problems.”

Bray also echoes the same sentiment. He believes that Brexit has resulted in the UK being the worst performer among the G7 nations economically. He said: “They (the Conservative leadership) are liars, they are cheats, they are charlatans, they are fraudsters, and that’s our government.”

With the United Kingdom currently reeling from a cost-of-living crisis and an unstable economy, it remains to be seen if protests like these will increase in the months to come.