Sunday, April 21News For London

Social distancing doesn’t mean kids can’t still have fun

The coronavirus pandemic is still a very pressing matter, therefore it is crucial that we stay home and practice social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus. 

While this hasn’t been an easy adjustment to our lives, it has been an especially difficult time for young children. Their routine of going to school, going outside often and having contact with their friends has abruptly come to an end and it may be hard for them to understand why.

With that said, children should get a better understanding of what social distancing is in order to navigate how they will be spending their time for the coming weeks. Practicing effective and safe social distancing means:

  • Keeping a distance of 2 to 3 metres away from people who do not live in your household at all times
  • Only traveling for necessities such as food and medication
  • Going outside for an hour in a group of less than two people for exercise only
  • Do not meet with other people apart from your household

After teaching kids the fundamentals of social distancing, parents can engage in activities with their children in order to make this time more enjoyable and easier. Other activities that aren’t listed in the video can be:

  • Painting or colouring
  • Household treasure hunt
  • DIY crafts
  • Play dress up
  • Have a movie night each week they can look forward to

Put a spin on social distancing and make it fun!