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Smooth Sailing at New Brent Cross Station


Despite expectations of crowds, Brent Cross Station’s second day of operations goes off without a hitch. The clean, accessible, and holiday-decorated new station stands ready to handle an increase in commuter traffic during the Christmas season.

The grand opening for the New Brent cross west station was on Sunday 10th of December 2023. Mayor Sadiq Khan inaugurated The station and Tony Blackburn Veteran DJ became its inaugural announcer. The £419 million project was due 2030 but was forwarded to bring infrastructure in place before many moved into their new house. The Thameslink will provide services to Luton Airport Parkway and Farringdon, also providing a link to the Elizabeth line. On weekdays six train will be running every hour and during Saturdays eight during peak hours. This mainline station has been built in London after a decade. The journey from Northwick Park to the newly opened Brent Cross Station went smoothly without any rail delays or problems. Despite expecting crowds on only the second day of operations, there were just a handful of people at the station. Multiple ticket counters keep rush hour crowds orderly. The station provides easy access to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Staff maintain the clean and well-kept station. Inside, a large Christmas tree decorated with beautiful ornaments spreads holiday cheer. Trains run on time without overcrowding. Enclosed glass platform waiting areas allow passengers to see incoming trains. Lifts provide accessibility. Overall, the new station seems to be operating well so far. As the Christmas season ramps up, Brent Cross Station will likely see increased commuter traffic from across London and other parts of England. We contacted the Thameslink Railway for More detail and here’s what they said

“Commuters who live nearer to Brent Cross West than stations they have been using will save as much as 20 minutes or more each way on their walk, and new bus stops at the new station will also allow time-savings.

As a rough estimate we expect use of the station to build to a total of around 600,000 passenger entries and exits a year initially, but then rising over the coming years to several million per year as the planned residential, retail, office and university developments are completed in the vicinity.

Here’s a comment about operations today.
Thameslink Area Manager Sara Turner said: “The station has been operating very smoothly today, with a good train service. It has been a quiet day in terms of passenger numbers but we find it always takes a little while for people to change their travel habits after a new station opens, and Mondays are now normally less busy than the middle of the week.”