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Sea Cadets commemorate the Trafalgar Battle

Sea Cadets from across the UK gathered in London to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar on behalf of the Royal Navy.

Over 300 Sea Cadets around the country had physical displays for the public in the Trafalgar Square. Student volunteers coming from different places in UK gathered here showing the outcome of their incredible commitment, skill and talent the Sea Cadets nurtures in them.

photoed by Jasmine Zhao
The Trafalgar Square on 22 October

According to the organiser of the Sea Cadets charity: “Most volunteers here are students being sent over to our charity by their parents to be nurtured as future Navy, they are trained every weekend and we organise them having physical training displays here in Trafalgar Square every year.” Students in different age show their training outcome on the day including parading and square exercises which represents their good work commitment and teamwork.

photoed by Jasmine Zhao
The Performing Navy
photoed by Jasmine Zhao
students are doing square exercises

“I come here every year for volunteering. Preparing three days for it is a little bit exhausted this year, but I really enjoyed it”, a volunteer student said. “The most important thing I learned in Sea Cadets is teamwork. Although we come from different places in UK (Scotland, northwest of London), we still cooperate well and it is a great experience.”

students are waiting for their display; photoed by Jasmine Zhao

Sea Cadets is a national youth charity that helps teenagers to develop into young people who can launch well in life. “The parade today is just to memorize the battle of Trafalgar happening in 1805 with Spain and France. We use the idea of navy to give young people the idea of what is right and wrong and help them develop good skills,” one of the navy officer who do the voluntary work here every year said. The charity supports 14,000 young people across the UK communities. Offering such a different kind of adventure makes them cope with today’s world and thrive in it.

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