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Sajid Javid “leaning towards” making Covid Vaccine compulsory for all NHS staff

Health Secretary, Sajid Javid said he is “leaning towards” making Covid Vaccines compulsory for all NHS staff in England.

The move will make it compulsory for all NHS health workers to get vaccinated from next April. He told Sky News’ Kay Burley: “We’ve yet to make a final decision, but I’m leaning towards doing it.”

Image Credits: Sakshi Shukla

The move might lead to a shortage of healthcare workers as instances of nurses and care workers quitting as they were unvaccinated are on the rise. In light of the issue, we interviewed a few people and asked them about their views on the matter and whether they believe taking the vaccine should be made compulsory for all NHS staff.

Steff Dezzutti, 28, an NHS worker at the Cavendish Health Centre said: “I think everything is subjective and it depends on the person, it depends on what they want really. Everyone can decide whether they want the vaccine or don’t want the vaccine, depending on their health issues. I think it should be optional. “

When asked if it is fair that care workers are getting redeployed or in some cases asked to quit because they haven’t been vaccinated, Steff said: “I think that’s unfair because anyone can get Covid, whether you are vaccinated or not, you can still spread Covid. So it’s up to the individual if they want to be extra protected or not.”

She said, she isn’t planning on getting a booster shot as she doesn’t feel the need for it.

Alan Bovenizer, a retired contractor, said he has had the booster shot and thinks everyone who has access to one, must take it. He believes that taking the vaccine must be made compulsory for all health care workers, except those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Emir Allen, managing partner of a research firm here in London said: “One of the first and key amendments of living in a democratic society is to have the freedom of choice. As far as they and their bodies are concerned, I absolutely, categorically don’t agree that it should be made mandatory for anyone to get vaccinated, let alone for someone who works for the government or is supposed to set an example.”

Emir said that nobody is forced to get vaccinated in the company that he runs and owns or take any “silly measures such as covering their faces”. He said: “We care about everyone deeply absolutely but it’s a freedom of choice offered to everyone. I haven’t had the vaccine myself as I believe that my body doesn’t require any medical interventions to stay safe. I appreciate that some people choose to have it, but I also don’t agree to consume and put any foreign substance in your body.”

Aldo De Luca, a student from the University of Westminster said: “Healthcare workers have the responsibility to care for other people and if they aren’t vaccinated they might pass Covid to people who are vulnerable and harm them even though that’s not their intention. It is not nice to force people to get vaccinated but I think it is our social responsibility to do so.”