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Rishi Sunak defends Eat Out To Help Out scheme at the COVID inquiry

Credits: Gov.UK

Prime Minister defends his scheme to save hospitality industry, amid the covid enquiry 

As the covid enquiry began, Rishi Sunak opened the session by apologising to millions of families who suffered and defended his stance on his Eat Out to Help Out scheme. He said: “The scientists prior to that had no objections.” 

He added that this policy was rolled out to save millions of jobs in the hospitality industry.  

The enquiry is being held for the response of Britain’s government grippled response to the covid pandemic which resulted in the loss of more than 2,00,00 lives.  

Sunak who was the chancellor at that time said: “My primary concern was protecting millions of jobs of particularly vulnerable people who worked in this industry (hospitality).”  

Sunak also told the enquiry that the government consulted with scientists and none of them had any prior objections to keep the economic activity running.  

Messages have revealed that the scientists and doctors have referred him as the Dr of Death because of his policies to roll out economic activities during the pandemic. 

Rishi Sunak faces a massive backlash from the Tory party MP’s and amidst the deletion of messages.  

As the enquiry continues Rishi Sunak has failed to provide the phone number through which he communicated in the meantime and said that he changed his contact several times because of prankster activities happening.