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Revamp your winter wardrobe in preparation for the Arctic blast

Image by Dan O. Eboka.

The Arctic airflow from the North pole is expected to bring with it chills of below -8C (17.6F). So it’s time to grab your winter coat, plus a double layer of insulation, and a beanie hat to match. 

With the Met Office announcing a yellow warning for snow in parts of the UK, Westminster World spoke with our resident fashion expert and University of Westminster student Alexia Georgieva, for her top tips on how to stay fashionably warm this winter. 

Image by  Vlada Karpovich | Pexels.

“Knit is very in at the moment,” said Alexia.

For a look that’s both artisan and functional, swap the hoodie for a knitted cardigan instead. Knitted hats with ear warmers, knitted scarfs and knitted gloves that are waterproof.

Historically, they have earned a distinct reputation for being boring. Today, depending on your budget – they provide for a cheaper, environmentally friendly and chic way to make your winter fashion statement.

Image by Solveig Osk | Flickr.

“Try multi-layering, but in a crazy! way,” said Alexia. 

Why not wear a lightweight hoodie under a polo neck, and a gilet on top for extra cosiness.  According to the fashion gods at vogue magazine, layering is an art. So this Winter, get creative.

The influence of Arctic sea ice on UK weather is still being researched. Over the last 35 years, Arctic sea ice extent has declined in response to climate change.

In short, while remaining fashionably warm this winter, it’s important we keep an awareness of trends in fast fashion that have a negative impact on our global climate – making sure to donate or recycle old and unused clothes.