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The Crown season 5 causing a stir in town

The upcoming season ‘inspired by true events’ grabs attention ahead of its release

Picture Credit: Netflix

The big-budget Royal drama series The Crown season 5 set to release on November 9 is facing more heat than any other season in the past. After the Queen’s demise, it is a very sensitive time to release the season which contains the ‘most controversies’ that Royal family has been linked to.

For the first time in the show’s history, Netflix had to add a disclaimer to its marketing after it attracted backlash on its storyline. The disclaimer states the upcoming season of The Crown is ‘fictional’ and ‘inspired by true events’.

Many historians and eminent personalities have criticised the series in the past and the latest critic is Former Prime Minister Sir John Major calling it ‘barrel-load of non-sense’. The comment comes after the reports suggested the series depicts King Charles had attempted to oust Queen Elizabeth when he was Prince of Wales. The critics also called the storyline disrespectful and damaging to the image of the Royal family.

The general public view of Londoners on the expectations of the drama in the latest season is about it being ‘controversial’.

Danny, 27, a big fan of the series showed excitement when asked about the new season. He said: “I am really looking forward to it. If you’re going to judge the whole family based on that situation, you’re going to have a negative view. You have got to take a wider view of the whole thing.”

Henry, 25, has an interesting view as well. Being an ardent viewer of the show, he said: “I’ve become more sympathetic towards most members of the Royal family.”

Speaking about the upcoming season, he mentioned: “It definitely gets more controversial as it approaches modern times. Contemporary politicians are more upset about it… so, I think there will be a lot more controversy and a lot more reminders that it’s semi-fictional – it’s based on reality, but it’s not meant to be a documentary.”

The impact of the show went beyond the boundaries of the United Kingdom. Kischelle Patino, a 29-year-old Graphic designer from Philippines said that the show had a huge influence on how she views the Royal family.  She said: “Some characters in the show are portrayed a bit ‘evil’ in a sense. When I was younger, I really thought that the Royal family is great and heroes. That changed a little after watching the show.” Patino was also of the opinion that the upcoming season may cause controversy in the way King Charles and Princess Diana equation will be portrayed.

The older generation has a slightly different perspective on the show. While many didn’t entertain the idea of watching it because it’s streamed on a paid subscription platform, others simply thought that the show is ‘too gossip-y’. A woman in her mid-70s said that The Crown caters to an audience that is consuming it for its scandals. Some said they have not thought of watching it because it disrespects the Royal family.

Guy Bolwell, 65, even though he has not watched the series he keeps up with the updates on the content and controversies surrounding the show. He says: “I have heard a lot about the show from pretty respectable sources and I am not so impressed by what I hear. I know it’s not very accurate and it tends to focus on scandals and its pretty insulting often to Royal family. Particularly, as they have not talked to any members of the Royal family. They are quite happy to cause a lot of pain and the unfortunate thing is, in America particularly, they believe all of it. The Americans believe all that they see, the British people not so much because they are better informed.”

Regardless of the controversy, the fan base of The Crown is ready with their bucket of popcorn to see what unfolds in the coming week. The show garnered a lot of attention leading to the release of its fifth season. Rest assured, we’ll be seated.