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Randy Brits stock up on sex toys during lockdown.

People turned to sex toys as restrictions keep couples apart. Photo: Anna Shvets

Coronavirus restrictions have sent sales of sex toys soaring, as Brits stock up during lockdown.

With nowhere to go, and not much to do, Brits have turned to sex toys to satisfy their sexual urges. In the first two weeks of the March lockdown, sex toys sales increased by 25 per cent, according to the Daily Mirror.

The trend has again been repeated during the current lockdown; Zuleika Philips, owner of Pleasure Drum, an online wellness and sex toy shop aimed at women of African heritage, told Westminster World: “Over the Covid period we have definitely seen an increase of about 30% pickup of toys.”

 In addition, Ms Philips mentioned that they’ve also received a lot more interest from men.

Couples in Tier 2 & 3 who live apart can only meet up socially outdoors. Photo: Gustavo Fring

The new lockdown meant new guidance surrounding sex. The guidelines stipulate that if you don’t live with your partner, or have not formed a support bubble, you cannot meet up socially indoors

If you’re a single adult, who lives alone, then you’re able to create a support bubble with another household. 

Although lockdown measures will be lifted at 12.01am on Wednesday December 2, London will be going back into Tier 2, meaning the guidance around sex remains the same.

“Over the Covid period we have definitely seen an increase of about 30% pickup of toys.”

Zuleika philips-owner, pleasure drum

Sexual health clinics across the country have advised those who don’t live with their partners to abstain from sex, and instead indulge in masturbation. Terrance Higgins Trust published the following advice from their Medical Director, Dr Michael Brady: “…your best sexual partner during the pandemic is you or someone you live with. Having said that, there are ways to make your sex as safe as possible. “

Recent YouGov data revealed the most sexually active demographic is late 20’s. Westminster World spoke to some young Londoners over the weekend, who expressed their displeasure at what they called “government interference” into their private lives.

Photo: Anna Shvets

Dr Henna Anwar, a GP Registrar speaking to Westminster World said: “I completely understand, and I’m sure other doctors completely understand how difficult it is for, not just young people, you mentioned young people, but a lot of older people as well who are feeling really lonely. Especially people that are used to having a partner, or being with someone they’re not living with. So we do understand, but the guidelines are there to keep us all safe”

While the virus isn’t transmitted sexually, it can be spread through mucus, saliva and the breath of anyone who’s contracted it. The Terrance Higgins Trust also advised those who are having sex with people outside their households, to limit the number of partners. The charity also advocated for the wearing of masks during sex, advised against kissing, and suggested favouring positions that don’t require face- to-face contact.

But the safest way to enjoy sex during the pandemic is to adhere to the restrictions.   

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