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Questions raised following death of two-year-old Amora Afobe.

Taken by Kieran Clarke and published on Flickr.

An Article by Benedict Steininger.

Amora Afobe, two-year-old daughter of football star Benik afobe passed away surrounded by her family, following a series of complications and an “unexpected infection” on Friday.

Former Arsenal striker Benik Afobe released a statement, describing that both him and his family are left “devastated and heartbroken”, resulting the recent death of daughter Amora.

Following an infection encountered on Friday, both parents brought Amora to a nearby hospital. The toddler past away after serious complications faced.

Although the statement explains, that the doctors tried absolutely everything to save Amora’s life, her death still raises questions of the nature of complications and infection.

How serious can infections be in today’s world for toddlers?

According to the MSD Manuals that provides “medical information of the day to a wide cross-section of users”, most common infections for toddlers involve skin, ear and throat infections. Such infections can however be treated thanks to the standards of todays Medicine according to Prof. Dr. Alexander Herzog. In an interview, the professor for oncology mentioned that there must have been other issues involving Amora’s death. Such issues could include the likes of wrong therapy or diagnosis or possibly even a more serious infection like measles.

Questions however arise on the nature of the complications faced. Prof. Dr. Herzog, mentioned that in todays world, medicine is too far advanced for simple infections to lead to a death of a small child. “Normally you don’t die of a normal infection, so you have to ask yourself three questions in return: Were the parents too late to bring her to the hospital? Was the Doctor having the wrong diagnosis and if so was he giving the wrong therapy?”. Herzog however reinforced the fact that complications must have been faced, saying “something must have gone wrong.”


Footballers and Clubs tribute to Afobe and the family.

Over the weekend, multiple past and present team mates have contributed their respect to the loss of the Bristol City player. Former team mate and good friend of Afobe, Jack Wilshere expressed his sorrow with a direct tweet aimed at the striker. Wilshere said, “My words will never mean enough to express how deeply sorry I am for your loss… no words will heal the pain in your hearts right now…”


Former Club FC Arsenal, also expressed their grief sending “love and support” to Afobe and his family.

Afobe, currently on loan to Bristol City released a statement on Sunday, is asking for “privacy in this incredibly difficult time.” After a knee injury in September, the striker will possibly have to miss out on the rest of the season.

Following the recent events on the weekend, Bristol City dedicated their win 5-2 win against Huddersfield to their injured striker.