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Qatar 2022 World Cup sparks outrage amongst the public

Photo by Rhett Lewis on Unsplash

The World Cup is being hosted in Qatar this November and December. However, this has been met with controversy due to Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights and women’s rights. This is because it is illegal to be homosexual in Qatar, and women cannot go out without being accompanied by their father, husband or brother. Celebrities and sports stars have been outspoken about this, condemning the decision.

However, what do the general public think? Westminster World went out in Wembley Park to find out.

“I think the slimy behaviour that [Qatar] had to do to even convince FIFA to perform there represents how much dissuasion there is in this country,” Kayla, 23, says. She is referring to the controversy that Qatar had supposedly paid their way to host the World Cup. Nevertheless, an investigation by FIFA found this corruption allegation to be false.

“Every country has got bad things where they are rude to certain minorities, and they still host events. If you say that about Qatar, then you have to do [the same] about every country. [In England], there’s racism and sexism and so many other things,” counters Adriel, 23.

 Social media perception also seems to be equally split.

@Kdenkss on Twitter shares a strong and clear opinion:

On the other hand, James Watt on Twitter raises awareness for the alleged corrupt actions of FIFA:

The evidently very controversial World Cup continues to split opinion on human rights issues and other ethical matters.