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‘We are heartbroken’: protestors respond to second execution carried out in Iran

Photo Credit: Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder

A second male has been executed in Iran as a response to three months of protests surging through the country. 

Majidreza Rhahnavard, 23 was hanged from a construction crane open to public view in the early hours of this morning. 

This came following an allegation that he had stabbed two members of a paramilitary force less than a month prior. 

Video Credit: Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder and Nick Dunning

This is the second public execution carried out by Iran’s government. Mohsen Shekari, 23 was hanged publicly four days ago after being convicted of: “waging a war against god.”

The widespread protests have swelled in Iran, following the death of Mahsa Amini, in police custody, in September this year. Amini was arrested by Irans morality police for not wearing a head covering in public. 

Photo Credit: Fenya Haraldsen-Nodder

Member’s of Londons Iranian population battled the snow and biting cold to demonstrate outside the Iranian Embassy, Kensington this morning. 

Parinaz Psrtow, the demonstration coordinator was passionate about reform in her home country Iran. “It is my job to be here day after day night after night to support  the Iranian people in the name of.”

Psrtow is a coordinator for Leading Women in London, a group dedicated to reform of the Iranian government. 

The group have released a statement with a set of demands: “The IRCG is proscribed a terrorist origination,” “International communities recognise the Iranian peoples right to self-defence against tyranny and oppression,” “Iran is expelled from the United Nations,” and “Iranian embassy’s are closed all over the world.” 

On responding to her personal thoughts on the executions Psrtow’s voice cracked as she declared “we are heartbroken.” 

Psrtow was still hopeful for a brighter future for her country: “Equality, justice for everyone in Iran, it is my dream.”