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Peace Council: A platform for peacebuilding inspiration

The Annual Peace Council event. Video credit: Hera Kruja

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) UK held its Annual Peace Council 2023, showing its commitment to building a more peaceful world. The event was a testament to the power of unity and collaboration.

Robin Marsh, the Secretary General of UPF said: “It was wonderful to see people from different backgrounds come together and coalesce around this ideal of building a better world.”

A gathering of hope and action

The event was a display of hope and action. Speakers from across the UK shared inspiring stories of their work, promoting dialogue and education for peace. These initiatives, which are making a real difference in communities demonstrate the power of individuals to contribute to a more peaceful world.

Honouring peacemakers

At the heart of UPF’s work are the Ambassador of Peace Awards. They recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to having a positive impact on our society. Israel Johnson, a student awarded as a young achiever, shared his vision for his project. He said that he feels empowered to achieve a positive change by hearing the inspiring stories and having guidance from UPF.