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Obesity in childhood

The numbers for people who are obese in the UK again saw a record high in 2019; it is the fourth consecutive year that a new national record was set.  

Around 20 percent of UK’s school children aged 8 to 11 are obese, according to the NHS’s National Child Measurement Programme. In other words, every fifth child is severely overweight. This puts the UK on rank 33 out of 191 surveyed countries (Global Obesity Levels). 

Obesity in childhood increases the risk of obesity in adulthood and can cause serious illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. Often, it also triggers mental health issues such as depression or fatigue. 

Especially now that schools, playgrounds and gyms are closed due to the coronavirus, it is vital to provide a healthy diet and as much physical activity as possible for our children at home.

The following video explains obesity to children (and adults who are eager to learn) to help them understand the condition and the seriousness of its consequences. 

Note: All measures and numbers are adjusted to the needs and conditions of 9- to 12-year old children in school and therefore may vary slightly for another age or lifestyle.

Sources: CNN / NHS / UK GOV / WHO