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No More Team Sports? How to Run London in Time of Coronavirus!

Gyms are closed. Park are allowed to be visited only with members of your household or alone. It is always more difficult for teenagers to enjoy London after the lockdown that started at the end of March.

But fortunately, the UK government has stated that among all the social distancing guidelines introduced to contain the spread of the virus, one form of physical exercise is allowed.

A small guide to run London in time of crisis in a safe way.

Since the start of the lockdown, many people have chosen to start running. A sport that besides being easy, it does not require special gear, and it is also for teenagers that at the moment cannot play football, rugby, any team sports or going to the gym with friends.

It has been confirmed that running is not dangerous for the spreading of the virus. However, some rules are critical to respect the others and to stay safe.

  1. Keep 2 meters distance between you and other people/ runners you pass next
  2. Do not spit or sneeze close to other people (you can do it if you are alone, but better to avoid)
  3. Do not run in groups and with people that are not from your household. Better alone.

If you follow these simple rules, you can enjoy London like never before and experience the city’s most crowded places in a surreal way: run across empty Regent’s street and Piccadilly Circus to arrive in Trafalgar Square. Then continue to Westminster or Buckingham Palace without caring about traffic, tourists and stress. Check the video to understand how.

This is something you will never forget. But remember, abide by the rules, stay safe and enjoy!