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New poll suggests Brexit reversal

A new Survation Poll suggests that 50 Percent of Britons want a public vote for a second EU referendum due to the size of the Brexit divorce bill.

The Survation Poll was carried out by mail on approximately 1,003 people amongst which 497 said they would “support holding a referendum asking the public if they will accept or reject the deal”.

According to Survation poll, eleven percent backed the £50 billion divorce bill while on the other hand 31 per cent of people surveyed thought the UK should pay nothing at all.

Half of the Pro-Brexiters polled, now support holding a second referendum on the final Brexit deal, since just 34 percent were against the idea with 16 percent unsure.

The surveys conducted for the last five years have had a significant change.

Survation Poll result 2013


Survation poll results-2016


Polling Analyst Mike Smithson tweeted that it’s the first time any pollster has recorded backing for a second Brexit referendum.


Theresa May is expected to meet European Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker, on Monday to draw up an agreement in regards to Brexit due to the weighted divorce bill. Juncker claimed that the meeting will be an opportunity for the EU to see whether sufficient progress has been made on withdrawal issues.


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