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Do you know the significance of mascot of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?

Recently, the 2022 Winter Olympics opened in Beijing, China. As the host of the Winter Olympics, China introduced the mascot. Do you want to know how it was designed? Let’s have a look.

Bing Dwendwen


Cao Xue, head of the mascot design team of the Winter Olympics, said that the design inspiration of Bing Dwen Dwen was from Sugar-Coated Hawthorn, which is a traditional snack in Beijing. The icing on its body is related to the movement of ice and snow. The ice pier takes panda as its core, and retains the ice shell shape of Sugar-Coated Hawthorn. The panda image is combined with the super-energy ice crystal shell. The shape of the head shell is taken from the ice and snow sports helmet, decorated with colorful halo, and the overall image resembles an astronaut.

Chinese pandas are cute, which makes people feel very friendly at first sight. It fully incorporates the elements of ice and snow, which not only shows the inner spirit of the Olympic Games’ constant pursuit and hard work, but also highlights the elements of the competition, such as a circle outside the big eyes, just like the track, and transparent ice crystals give people a sense of high technology, which fully embodies the overall connotation of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Cao Xue said.

“The national treasure panda is loved all over the world.” The team specially chose the younger panda baby image in the design. In order to observe the expression and posture of baby panda, Cao Xue and his team specially went to Wolong, Sichuan. In order to make the design of “Bing Dwen Dwen” younger and more lovely, “We make” Bing Dwen Dwen “an” inner figure of eight “,which is more in line with the walking posture of baby panda. The action of ‘Ice Dwen Dwen’ beckons, and the body leans forward slightly, which is a bit like the baby’s unstable feeling. “

There is a love in the palm of Bing Dwen Dwen’s hand, which also expresses the values of the Olympic movement: respect and friendship, and also represents the values and cultural concepts of the host country. “Bing” means ice, which symbolizes purity and strength, which is the characteristic of the Winter Olympics. “DwenDwen” means stocky and lovely, which fits the overall image of the panda and symbolizes the strong body, indomitable will and inspiring Olympic spirit of the Winter Olympics athletes. It also represents children, which takes into account the “other” culture and also reflects the pronunciation characteristics of Chinese culture.

The mascot of Beijing Winter Olympics was released to show the world Chinese spiritual outlook, development achievements and charm of Chinese culture, show the love of Chinese people for ice and snow sports and their expectations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, and express Chinese beautiful vision of promoting exchanges and mutual learning among world civilizations and building Community of Shared Future for Mankind.