Sunday, May 26News For London

London’s Iconic green hut in Wellington Place last to get listed status

Credit: PA Wire

The Wellington Place hut, sometimes referred to as the Chapel, has been officially listed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport upon the recommendation of Historic England. This grants it special protection from potential redevelopment. 

Green huts have been sheltering cabbie drivers since 1875. The simple green huts design we see today is attributed to architect Maximilian Clarke, who is believed to have constructed 61 of the shelters between 1875 and 1914. Today, only 13 of them are left. Twelve of these structures had received protection, and the Wellington Place hut has now been added to the list.  

Luke Jacob, listing adviser at Historic England, said: “Full of intrigue, history, tea and bacon sarnies, London’s well-loved cabmen’s shelters are distinctive relics of the horse-drawn age in the capital.

“As we approach the 150th anniversary of the Cabmen’s Shelter Fund it is fitting that the final shelter on Wellington Place – lucky number 13 – has received the official recognition it deserves through listing.” 

All 13 still operate as shelters for cabbie drivers, and dining inside is still strictly for black cab license holders. However, anyone can grab something to eat from the hatch.