Thursday, September 21News For London

Liz Truss making a ‘Come Back’

After lasting only 45 days in office, Former PM Liz Truss is keen to come back to Downing street.

Although she was not a household name when she got elected, Liz Truss marked history, serving the shortest period of any UK Prime Minister.

She came into power without a general election, just after Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

Truss practiced poor politics from the very beginning.

Her mini-budget wasn’t the ideal Policy, removing barriers on bankers bonuses and reducing business taxes was never going to make it in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

She lacked talent in her cabinet, and fired her Chancellor and Home Secretary.

After 45 turbulent days in office and a mini budget that crashed the markets, Liz Truss shed confidence of almost all her MPs.

She resigned as Prime Minister on the 25th of October.

But would she be able to make it this time? And would the Conservative Party want her again?