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Lights, Camera, Audition: TikTok’s Influence on Emerging Talent in Theatre

New Diorama Theatre at Regent’s Park. Image by: Malavika Pradeep

TikTok has basically become the new casting frontier. People who were once nobodies are now going viral with audition tapes and snagging lead artist and actor roles.

The platform has thrown open the doors for equal opportunities, especially when traditional casting avenues took a hit during the COVID chaos.

We spoke to a few arts, theater, and culture students at universities around London, and they spilled the beans on the real and raw casting tricks happening on TikTok. According to them, it’s all about enabling diversity and creating opportunities for everyone.

And guess what? Theatre companies are all over TikTok. They’re using it to hook in the younger crowd. Like, have you seen the #Wicked TikTok challenge? It’s blowing up with over 500 million views! TikTok is like the ultimate promotional playground, giving us a sneak peek into what really grabs people’s attention.

So, in a nutshell, TikTok isn’t just about dance challenges and lip-syncing anymore. It’s a powerhouse for discovering talent, promoting theater, and making the arts more accessible. Talk about a digital revolution, right?

While some may dismiss this social media platform as merely popular with teens, its effect on the drama student’s career has been profound. Everyone we spoke to had a vivid perspective on this. Shirley, a drama student says: “A great actor connects no matter the media. While I should focus on theater and Broadway, a few social media TikTok hook steps could help me pay my rent.”

Apart from this through collective research, we have come to the conclusion that TikTok proves to be a platform that provides a lot more than just showcasing talent. Through TikTok, students can watch videos of talented theatre and drama creators to get new and inspired ideas for their own work.

The positive and negative feedback that individuals receive on this platform can help users improve their skills. This social media app has benefitted students to promote their work to a wider audience and potentially lead to new opportunities.

We asked another drama major whether social media will take away the spotlight of theatres, and he says: “Virtual reality could never recreate the collective magic, poetic catharsis from seeing the exceptional rendering of our realities.”

Collectively, we have received the same notion that TikTok is a great platform that draws audiences into deeper forms of acting. Still, there is no denying that stories of complex human experiences deserve space outside of swiping feeds. TikTok is a medium that attracts individuals and indulges them into enjoying this art out of their screen as well. 

Many would agree that great art should be recognized and appreciated regardless of the platform. TikTok surely has boosted theatre businesses and increased its social popularity. It is a bridge between generations that enjoy performances on a stage and those that enjoy it on a screen.