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Less than 100 migrants were detained by the police force in accordance with the new law for entering the UK.

Migrants got arrested recently while entering the UK. The action was taken under new law.

Around 100 people were detained for crossing the English Channel illegally in accordance with the new rule established by the government as part of measures in the Home Office’s Nationality and Borders Act, which was passed earlier this year.

According to this new rule, those who enter the UK illegally and then commit a crime that carries a sentence of up to four years in jail by getting arrested.

“There has been a further 180 arrests since the summer under different immigration laws. “When the Home Office refused to release the material, a BBC spokesperson was able to obtain it through the freedom of information legislation.

Since the law was introduced, the figure represents 0.3% of all those who have crossed the border.

Qaisar Abbas, Immigration Solicitor, said: “The government’s actions in applying and enacting this new law are the best ones ever made since you never know who might cross our borders and attempt to incite violence and hatred in an effort to preserve peace and sovereignty We are unable to tell who is pretending to be a refugee. They can cause harm to any of the people by becoming a smuggler, a terrorist, or a criminal. To prevent this illegal infiltration into the United Kingdom, following measures should be strictly adhered by everyone. Finally, I would want to highlight that in order to keep our nation safe, we must follow and accept the government’s decision.

credit: Sandor Csudai 

Since the home office had previously declined to display information about refugees who had entered the country unlawfully, it has now been made public that around 29,400 migrants landed in small boats as of mid-November.

According to BBC report the Home Office has now confirmed:

  • 96 were arrested on suspicion of committing the new crime of illegal arrival – 0.3% of the total.
  • Some 78 were later charged with the crime
  •  56 of them have been convicted.

When this law was being passed, the ministers told the lawmakers that the new crime may “deter migrants from risking their lives”, which may also help them to maintain control of the borders.

A Home Office spokeswoman said “the new illegal arrival offence was just one important tool to combat people smuggling.”

“Our Nationality and Borders Act is beginning to break through this exploitative business model, with more than 280 people already arrested since it became law.

“The figures referenced only detail those arrested for illegal arrival not illegal entry or anyone arrested for a breach of a deportation order under the new act.”