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‘Lack of information about booster jabs’ for Londoners

From today, double vaccinated Brits can have their booster jab. With mounting pressure on the NHS in the run-up to winter, booster jabs have been encouraged by the Government. Londoners gave mixed reactions to the news. 

Credit: Skyler King

Those who have been double vaccinated for six months or more are eligible for a third ‘booster jab’ today. It is part of a drive to relieve strain on the NHS with the country reaching 38,000 daily cases. According to The Guardian, Nikki Kanani , GP and lead of the NHS vaccination programme stated: “NHS staff are making it as easy as possible for people to get their top-up vaccination, and from today people can now go online, find their nearest site and go and get their booster without delay.” 

Credit: Skyler King, YouTube

Despite this, some Londoners remained unsure. Ali-Mohammed, 28, who works in pharmaceuticals, said he hasn’t had any jabs. But, due to his place of work making it essential for employees to have the Covid-19 vaccine, he now has to, ha remains apprehensive.“I don’t think there is a lot of information being given & I’ve never heard anyone telling me anything about the jab,” said Ali.  

Ryan, 25 said he had got both the jabs however would not be getting the booster jab as there had not been enough information about it. He said: “He was not told this at the beginning, if we accept the booster jab it (more jabs) will continuously go on.” 

“I was not told this at the beginning, if we accept the booster jab it (more jabs) will continuously go on.” 

Ryan, 25.

In contrast, Imogen, 21, medical student, was more enthusiastic about the vaccine, having already taken it. She was “not concerned at all about the vaccine” and experienced no reactions. When asked if she was well informed about the third vaccine she felt that she  “had not received much information”, adding that the jab was “really important”, particularly amongst those in the medical field. Alongside this, Clive, 68, said he will be getting the booster jab and had not had any side effects from the previous jabs.

In a recent survey by Westminster World of 30 participants, 90% said they would be getting their booster jab, with more women than men saying they would be getting the jab. Out of the 15 men interviewed, three men said they would not be getting the jab and one man said he may get the jab. Whereas, only one woman out of the 30 participants said she would not be getting the jab.

In a recent Twitter poll, four out of five participants voted in favour of receiving the booster jab. Whereas one user voted that they were still unsure if they would get the jab. 

As winter approaches, there is some concern that the NHS may become overwhelmed. A booster vaccine is being encouraged to prevent this. The impact of the booster vaccine will likely be seen in the coming months.