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Big Boys season two will have moments of pathos

Jack Rooke gives an exclusive interview at Westminster World. He talks about the series Big Boys on Channel 4 and reveals what we should expect in the upcoming season two.

Jack Rooke talks about Big Boys season two on Channel 4 that will be shown next year. Credits to: Mellina Shahrom and Hera Kruja

Jack Rooke is the writer and creator of Big Boys. It is a sitcom that has been positively praised. It stars Dylan Llewellyn and Jon Pointing, who live together in 2013 and are university students in their first year.

Jack, who is Llewellyn’s character, is a semi-fictionalized version of Rooke. The series tackles grief and mental health issues in a light and funny way. The first season was shown on 26 May 2022 and it can be watched on All 4. The second season is scheduled for 2023.

Jack said: “In season two, I want to delve into some of the other characters, to different stories. It still comes back to Jack and Daniel, their experiences and how they are coping. I really want it to feel that we are in the second year and the stakes are a bit higher. It will combine being funny, but having those moments of pathos.”

Credits: Mellina Shahrom and Hera Kruja

In addition, Jack disclosed the reasons for writing the series and his motivation for it. He said: “I wanted to write about grief. I wanted to make the show that I wish I had at that time, to see how teenagers cope with heavier topics. A lot of them go through them and don’t talk about it and don’t know how to process it.”

He continued: “I wanted to use comedy and humour to make that experience feel accessible to people. There is a real power in how you can make a life story, that can have the elements of hardship and trauma and present it in a way that it feels positive. It can contribute to helping people and enable them to feel part of the wider sense of empathy.”

Jack could not hide his happiness for people connecting with his stories and characters. He stated: “Big Boys was a project that was close to my heart. It makes you think how will I be able to do it? Despite the challenges involved, I loved it and I had the best time.”

When he was asked about undertaking such a big project and having self-doubts, he replied: “I have moments of self-doubt every single day. I overcome it by carrying on and trying not to worry. You just have to write. The only way that you can get through is by persevering.”

Jack also shared helpful advice for students that aspire to follow his career path. He said: “Make sure that when you are writing anything, there are characters that people can laugh and understand and find it compelling.”

He continued: “Everything is based on characters really. The better you become at writing about people and nuances and human behaviour, the better your writing is. Also, persevering and having a creative vision that you want to stick by.”

Jack was a student at Westminster University. He said: “I love coming back here. Especially, since writing the Big Boys and having to go back to my memories, I think of this place all the time.”