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‘It became super heavy and now, this is insane’–Seeing snow for the first time

We woke up to see our balcony covered in ice and our streets covered in ice, and the only way is to drop my kids’ scooter because walk to school.

Adi Misra/ Photo Credit: Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing heavy snow with the England temperature of -1 degree Celsius. In typical winters, snow is rarely observed in England; but, this winter, the Met certifies that this night was the coldest of the year.

 While some UK residents don’t find snow weird, others who have never experienced snow told Westminsterworld that the snow is ridiculous and has made the already chilly weather even colder.

Adi Misra, who had never experienced snow, told WestminsterWorld that the nighttime fog and snow made his room much chilly and made it difficult to fall asleep.

 He said: “This is my first time of experiencing snow, it is pretty crazy.

“Last night, was the first time it started snowing and after like 12:00 a.m. – 1: 00 a.m, it became super heavy and now. This is insane,’ Mistra said while folding hands into his winter jacket.

However, Misra feels the snow is fun. “it’s not what one will feel like but at the same its fun. But I guess it might not be fun very soon, he added, stating that he protects himself by “wearing winter jacket, gloves, boots during the cold weather.

Ale Woke Balcony/Photo credit: Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi

Ale Woke, a father of two, described today’s snowfall as “tiring,” adding that it made it difficult for his children to go to school. He claims that on Monday, he experienced and touched snow for the first time. The young man hails from Nigeria, a place where snow has never fallen.

“We usually take our back door through the kitchen to school because its shorter, considering our kids schools are like 20 minutes by scooter but the snow stopped this.

“We woke up to see our balcony covered in ice and our streets covered in ice,” The only choice, according to Woke, is to “drop my kids’ scooter because we read online and observed where they advised people against riding scooter on snow days as the floor is slippery, making it difficult to control to scooter.

Roy Ren/Photo credit: Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi

Roy Ren, a foreign student at Westminster University, has just been in England for three months, so this is her first experience with snow there, although she has seen enough of snow back in her home in Northern China. 

Compared to Woke and Mistra, who had never encountered snow, her experiences seem different. 

Her experience as a foreigner living in China has led her to assume that the winters in her native Northern China are colder than those in Britain.

Ren stated, “I come from the northern part of China, which is significantly cooler than England, so this is not my first experience with winter.

“I am not frightened of the cold, but I am terrified of the summer because I don’t like it since I will probably get a sweater when it is really hot outside.

She screamed, “I adore the snow and I have been here for three months and I love it!”

Hayley Lyons/Photo credit: Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi

According to Hayley Lyons, a Westminster University final-year Digital student, England is one of the countries that hardly ever gets snow. She claimed that while most snowfalls in England are cutting, this year’s snowfall appears to be different.

We have been seeing snow, although it is unusual to get snow; often, it is a slash, according to Llyons. Before leaving for school, she had to check her trains because the snow had caused transit problems.