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Is Winter Wonderland London’s most hated event?


Winter Wonderland, London’s annual Christmas event held in Hyde Park returned this November. The event has grown substantially since it’s inception in 2007, but so has disdain towards it, with it becoming one of the most divisive attractions in the capital.

The event has grown from a small Christmas market with little sponsorship, to a vast heavily commercialised neon spectacle, with over 100 attractions and even it’s own app to help guests navigate their way around.

As well as growing in size, the attraction has undergone many changes in recent times, security checks on arrival were introduced several years ago and tickets are now required for entry.

On weekdays, the tickets are free until 2pm; £5 until 4pm, and after 4pm are £7.50. At weekends, prices start at £5, increasing to £7.50 from 2pm onwards.

Despite an approximate attendance of 2.5 million people each year the event has received some scathing reviews, with the event only having a 1.5 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot

We went to Hyde Park and spoke to people who had attended this years Winter Wonderland, to get their reactions to the event.

Many people have complained about the prices at the event, in particular the rides and activities, with the ferris wheel costing £11.50, ice skating at £16.50 and ice sculpting costing an eye-watering £70. Food costs have also been criticised.

There has also been issues with crime at the event, with fights breaking out on some recent nights and Vice reporting that cocaine use was rife at the 2022 edition.

Online people’s opinions were divided, with some such as Adrian Lacey raving about the event.

While others such as Simon Alvey were slightly less complimentary.

It seems the bigger Winter Wonderland gets the more critics it gains, but the increasing size shows there is clearly a demand for the annual Christmas event, so despite many people’s hatred of it, it doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.