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Insight into Israel’s strategic and military partners: top 5 countries that supply arms to Israel

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The US is by far the biggest supplier of arms to Israel since 1961.

Recently, footage appeared on the Internet where some protestors from the Youth Demand Group gathered outside the Labor Party’s headquarters in London and sprayed red paint to demand a stop to supplying weapons to Israel.

wall sprayed Red of Labor party headquarters in London Credits – PA Media

But how many arms does the UK actually supply to Israel? And, apart from the UK, what other nations provide arms to Israel? We delved into how much support military support Israel is getting and who are its biggest partners.

The volume of Arms exported by the UK –

The UK is the fourth biggest exporter of arms to Israel. The total amount that are exported to Israel by the UK stands at £400m in 2022.

This has raised concerns and demands from the opposition to end the export right now, in lieu of the current situation in Gaza.

The United States of America –

The US is by far the biggest exporter of Arms in the world and to Israel. According to a report published by the Stockholm Institutional Peace Research Institute, the US constitutes up to 70 per cent of the total weapons sold to Israel.

According to SIPRI, the arms trade between both countries has been going on since 1961, and in the past 7 years, the US has delivered arms worth $4.9 Bn [£3.8 Bn].

Germany –

Germany is the second biggest exporter to Israel when It comes to arms and constitutes almost 24 percent of the total share of the arms imported by Israel.

According to a report issued by Arms Trade), Germany and Israel have had an arms deal worth Euros 1.6 Bn [£1.9 Bn] in the last decade.

Italy –

Italy contributes a 5.6 percent share of the total amount of arms purchased by Israel.

In the past decade, Italy delivered Euros 476m worth of arms to Israel.

Italy has been exporting aircraft and missiles to Israel since the 1970s, and with time, the trade has only grown stronger.

Canada –

While Canada has now halted providing weapons to Israel, it accounted for almost 0.3 percent of weapons exports to Israel.

In the light of recent events, The leader Jagmeet Singh called out to stop the supplying of arms.

Canada sent $13.7m [£10.79m] in military hardware and technology to Israel.

Credits – Somya Singhdeo