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Imaginarium: the next ‘go-to’ place for Christmas

An underground hothouse in the centre of Borough Market, the Imaginarium welcomes Christmas with a different outlook. Opening up a creative hub for artists from all fields such as storytelling, painting and live performances.

Photo Credits: Sreelakshmi Vachasapthy

I was able to make it on the very first Sunday, where I witnessed the opening of these feasts, ideas and theatrics.  It also gave me a chance to interact with the owner of the place- Naomi, who gave an insight about the events happening over next couple of weeks.  She said: “It is a six-week long program which consists of theatrical events, music, arts, dinning and workshops for people to join.”

The place stands out for its interior work and atmosphere. It also has stores set up which marks London’s independent artists, designers, makers and collectors, where one can find antique accessories, clothes, paintings and rare collectables which attracts the customers.

Photo Credits: Sreelakshmi Vachasapthy

By around six in the evening, more people started coming in and the place was getting ready to begin with the set of events scheduled for the night. The Embers Collective, in collaboration with Imaginarium gave an evening filled with storytelling and music which involved a mythological twist which seemed to completely immerse the audience. Lonan Jenkins the Manager and Organizer of the Embers collective said to Westminster news that: “We take old mythology and folk stories from around the world alongside multi-instrumental musicians and the idea of bringing these stories to life to modern audience basically.”

IMAGINARIUM 2017. Video Credits: Sreelakshmi Vachaspathy

There will be more events happening at the Imaginarium every Sunday until the 23rd of December which included different kinds of performances. To book tickets visit here.

Lonan Jenkins’s performing at Imaginarium. Photo Credits: Sreelakshmi Vachasapthy

(Sub-Editor: Zahida Rizvi)