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‘Ice, ice, baby’: Low temperatures in London exacerbate cost-of-living crisis

The cost-of-living crisis has affected the majority of British people, meaning they were forced to adjust and reduce their basic needs, such as heating. And the recent low temperatures have only made matters worse.

Image credit: Will Kennard (unsplash)

Massive cold weather stroke hit London on Sunday night, covering a whole city with a layer of snow, reaching temperature below zero degrees celcius.

The forecast shows that the next week is predicted to be even colder, being zero during the day and minus three at night. 

That is the first time in two years London has seen snow. It caused disruptions within train services, as well as severe traffic on roads.

What does this freezing wave mean for Londoners and what are opinions of one particular vulnerable group: students?

“The same money I was spending last month this month will last less,” Cinzia Appetecchia, a student of journalism said.

“Cost-of-living really touches students in terms of their monthly fees,” she acknowledged.

BBC Weather promises more snow on 14 November, which may be a good experience for tourists, yet it might create disruptions within local community in London and cause problems due to current prices for energy bills.

The London Assembly stated that “most people will pay about £1,570 more per year for gas and electricity”. The energy is not the only number, which increased. It also increased food prices around the country.

The Mayor announced ways to help locals and allocate money to authorities, who can support people in such hard time, during his annual report in City Hall.

The University of Westminster students, who live outside the campus, shared some opinions on what has changed with their bills and what are their thoughts on the issue. 

Out of 15 people asked, the drop in weather will possibly affect all students and their bills, alongside with a monthly budget during this winter.

“I live outside the campus and the bill I used to pay was completely different,” said Tommaso Laurenti, a BA Fashion, Management and Promotion [FMP] student. “I am sure it is going to be even higher with these temperatures.”

“It is very concerning,” Maryam Zare, FMP student added. “I think that people are either going to be using like a hundred of blankets to be warm or pay much more for their bills.”

Westminster has recently launched a program to help a great number of students in the cost-of-living crises situation. The scheme is opened now.

People on social media are disrupted by energy prices and cold weather combination. Younger generation are creating TikToks about their parents walking around the house in the hat because the bills are too high this year.

Twitter user Shelley Silas  said: “Mum’s monthly gas and electricity bill – over £500 & not all the heaters are on in the house.”

The government is trying to keep homeless people away from the streets during cold weather alert, BBC reported. “Extra emergency accommodation for rough sleepers will open across London tonight”.

Even celebrities now turn their heads into this issue. As BBC showed, Kate Winslet recently “donated £17,000” to a household, acknowledging that there should be more support for vulnerable groups. 

Forecasts show the extremely low temperatures will not last for a long time. But the prices for energy are yet to come down though.