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“He can’t inform” – Londoners’ opinion on Boris Johnson joining GB News

GB News’ appointment of Boris Johnson as a presenter has sparked controversy

According to GB News, Johnson will be essential in the channel’s coverage of next year’s UK general and US elections.

The former Monty Python star, John Cleese, made his opinion clear: “I can hardly believe that GB news will give this proven serial liar his programme”.

Johnson will work in the rightwing channel alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage. Although they have not revealed the exact salary figure, they have confirmed that it is a six-figure amount.

Before hiring Johnson, the channel faced a tough time when they had to suspend presenters Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton. The suspension was due to a misogynistic comment made by Fox on Wootton’s show, and Wootton didn’t challenge the remarks.

In a video uploaded to the GB News account on [X], Johnson announced that he would share his “unvarnished views” on the TV channel.

He said: “I am excited to say that I am shortly going to be joining you on GB News. I’m going to be giving this remarkable new TV channel my unvarnished views on everything from Russia, China, the war in Ukraine, how we meet all those challenges, to the huge opportunities that lie ahead for us, why I believe our best days are yet to come. And why, on the whole, the people of the world want to see more ‘global Britain’, not less.”

We went out on the streets of London to get the public’s opinion on the new appointment. Here’s what they have to say: