Sunday, May 26News For London

Hammersmith Bridge: £3 Million invested for the new cycle lane

Credit: Vishakha Chauhan

Since the road traffic closure of Hammersmith Bridge, cyclists have been instructed to walk their bikes across the bridge with pedestrians.  

However, after five years the Department of Transport has now allocated almost £3 million for a new cycle lane. The added funding takes the Government’s total investment in the bridge to nearly £13 million. 

The new cycle lane is expected to be introduced in November this year. Nonetheless, the row over who pays the £250 million bridge repair bill is still unresolved and could remain in place for years. 

The Department of Transport claims that creating the new cycle lane will involve resurfacing the bridge’s road surface and will keep the cyclists separate from the pedestrians. 

Even though , the locals are happy that the bridge is only open for the pedestrians, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan wants the bridge to be opened for vehicles. His draft deal proposes that Transport for London, Hammersmith and Fulham council, and the Department for Transport each contribute a third of the repair costs.  

However, the increasing expenses would make the complete repair for the vehicles crossing financially unattainable.