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Gyms closing open new ways of training

Have you always been a gym addict? Have you started to work out and all of a sudden you felt thrown out of the door? If yes, then you are amongst those whom coronavirus has shifted all of their plans. And sometimes, the most valuable ones.

In this quiet room where the Prime Minister and his scientific advisers unfold the new objectives to fight the coronavirus, gyms have been closed since the 5th of November as announced.

New ways of staying healthy during this four-week lockdown have immediately been released on social media.

Do these training sessions really work ? Are staying at home and being healthy mutually exclusive? Would you need some tips?

Keep on reading, Westminster World have got exclusive interviews and…. a fitness expert is here to advise you!

Ummar is a gym trainer at The Gym in Tottenham Hale.
Credit: Naima Tazergha

Yes, you can still exercise !

Lockdown doesn’t mean no exercise. The government allows you to still exercise outdoors, alone or with another person from your household or a gym trainer.

According to the Welltodo Global website, ‘One in five have been doing home workouts, either online or offline, with youtube by far the most frequently accessed online resource, followed by Facebook with 19% and Instagram with 19% . By contrast, just 9% was attributed to a gym’s website’.

The London weather may keep you inside and you may want to exercise alone at home. Then hold on, and consider the following. ​

If you keep being alone, always exercising at home may not be that good either for your physical health nor your mental health. What are the best training alternatives?

Let’s find out with Ummar, a qualified personal trainer and gym trainer at The Gym Tottenham Hale in London.

“It depends on people who have been strength training, I would suggest staying active as much as you can to increase your cardiovascular activity. Such as go for a run or a walk” he suggested.

In regards to the type of exercise you want to keep doing, the qualified trainer added “All the exercises are effective depending on how they are performed and also on the person’s goal.”

Thus, if you are just walking, that is fine! The way you exercise may change, but not the exercises, mostly if you turn to Ummar.

As an fitness expert, he is doing online training for some of his clients as he claimed: “it is a bit difficult to train the clients outside due to weather firstly, we are going towards winter and we all know how the British weather is”

Getting a trainer is not only effective to avoid loneliness leading to the loss of motivation, it also helps the gym trainers who are going through a tough time.

“Lockdown affected me so much, after the first lockdown, I started with 0 hours of training and got it up to 15 hours of training. However, as soon as the second lockdown kicked in, a lot of clients left. So at the moment, I am doing three hours of online training a Week.”

“I was determined to not let myself put on all the weight I had put on previously during the first lockdown

Alex Irons, a radio presenter
Credit: Naima Tazergha

A previous university of Westminster’s student, Alex Irons, was first shocked when he heard that he had to stop his training at the gym again.

Bad memories of the first lockdown popped up again as it was the time he gained weight.

However, Alex sees that bad time as a lesson and has never given up on looking after his health: “I have been having my training sessions outside and inside, which has been great. I’m also trying to keep an eye on what I eat” he admitted.

“As much as I want to keep up the keep calm and carry on attitude, it’s quite easy to want to skip on exercise and eat your weight in junk food.”

Unlike Ummar, Alex considered this lockdown as a real struggle to keep his motivation.

According to the NHS website, exercising “can reduce your risk of major illness, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabeties and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.”

Ready, steady, go !!!