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Google and YouTube join in the “war” against knife crime

Google invested £600,00 in tackling the increase of knife crime in London. The money is used to help young people using social media to identify the violence contents and to prevent them from reposting.

YouTube and Google work closely with the Mayor’s office for Policing and Crime to monitor the content shared online which can incite violence.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said to Metro, “He was pleased that leading online platforms have come together to ‘better identify and remove content that incites violence much more quickly’ as London continues to see an increase of gang and knife crime.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (CC BY-SA 2.0T©)

“We do concern about the violence in London and don’t want to make our products use to provoke violence.” Google managing director Ronan Harris said.

This programme analysed the relationship between social media content and violence in communities to find out the causes and to develop solutions to protect young people.

It will also encourage young people to post the positive content and to bring the positive influence to the surroundings.

Social media and music can also play a vital role to create a positive atmosphere. DSC Mike West promised that this programme would not suppress the freedom of expression, although all music or video that glorify violence and provoke criminality will be removed.

Social media is working for stopping being a channel to incite and spread violence, and Met police stands on the front line against knife crime to keep Londoner safe and to reduce the violence.

Cressida Dick, (Copyright Photograph Victoria Jones/PA)

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, said to LBC radio, “There are large reductions in the stabbings of young people under 25years age compared with last year.”

She claimed that Met had begun a tide turning and more and more officers had appeared on the street to do more search. Many knives, firearms and offensive weapons had been seized, and more people had been arrested for the knife and gun crime.

However, according to London’s Metropolitan Figures published in early this month, stabbings in London has risen 16% in 2018, and knife related crimes have reached the highest point in six years.

Knife and gun crime from 2008 to 2018 (Source: Metropolitan Police; From BBC website)

Sadiq Khan, explained in Good Morning Britain, “Over the last of seven-eight years, we have lost 10,000 police personnel more than 3,000 uniformed officers and more than 3,000 community officers more than police staff in London.” He claimed that London had faced a shortage of police officers and he added additional investment to the police to sort the problem.

This programme will support Khan’s #LondonNeedsYouAlive campaign.