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Giorgia Meloni: when ideology comes before the good of a country

Video Credit: Nove youtube Channel

“I think Mussolini has been a good politician and he has done what was the best for Italy and for Italians.”

Italy has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but in this historical context, it is split in half thanks to a corrupted government.

It has been around 100 days since prime minister Giorgia Meloni has been managing the country, with her ideology that makes part of the population unhappy. Ideologies that go against the regulation for human rights decided by the European Union.

As she shared in a French TV program in 1996, her admiration for Mussolini has been expressed clearly, saying that he has been a perfect politician of the last 50 years and did what he did just for Italy and Italians. Stand on what she declared to channel 3 of the French television, What exactly did Mussolini do for Italy and Italians? If you were an immigrant, Jewish or homosexual, he would try to clean the country by sending them to work in mine, exactly in Carbonia (Sardinia).

He was killing whoever did not agree with his ideology or his way of managing the country. He was for the pure Italian, who must be Christian and devoted to the family and just with a Man, woman and kids. He was obsessed with sports and believed that sports could educate people how he wanted them: obedience.

Of course, the situation nowadays is not extremely dramatic as it used to be, thanks to European Union Law for Human Rights that limits certain behaviours. According to the La Republica YouTube channel, She Based all her ideology on the fact that to be a good Italian, you must be Italian, but first, you must be a Christian person and follow what the Christian ideology says, especially when we are talking about family.

In this Infographic, we can see a few of her statements, such as: Regarding immigration, she approves migrants from Venezuela or South America because, over the IIWW, most Italians migrated to those countries. This makes them original Italians and Christians, as she defined them as good and healthy migrants. A few years ago, Cirinna’, an Italian politician, made a bill to protect the LGBT community, but she and her party fought until the bill was rejected because she wanted to save children from being adopted by LGBTQ couples or give them the possibility to pay for surrogacy. She affirms that a child has the right to have a mother and a father.

She has the concept of deviation quite different from what they are. Use of drugs or suffering from obesity for her, there is no significant difference; you can cure these deviations by practising sport, a bit like Mussolini used the sport to control the young generation. History is a subject that teaches how past mistakes could be avoided in our present and future, but sometimes is a weapon against the most vulnerable population.