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General Election 2019: results announcement in Harrow

On Thursday the 12th of December volunteers gathered in Harrow Leisure Centre to count votes for each candidate from Harrow West and Harrow East parliamentary constituencies. When the exit polls were announced at 22:00, the tensions went up as everyone was excited to see who won in the election.

In Harrow East parliamentary constituency there were three candidates: Bob Blackman (Conservative Party), who won the General Election in 2017, Pamela Fitzpatrick (Labour Party), and Adam Bernard (Liberal Democrats).

In Harrow West parliamentary constituency there were five candidates: Gareth Thomas (Labour Party), who won the General Election in 2017, Anwara Ali (Conservative Party), Rowan Langley (Green Party), Lisa-Maria Bornemann (Liberal Democrats), and Richard Austin Jones (The Brexit Party).

As the results were announced, all candidates from Harrow East and Harrow West parliamentary constituencies gathered on the stage to be congratulated by their supporters and give their post-election speech. 

Bob Blackman was elected as MP for Harrow East parliamentary constituency with 26,935 votes and 16.5% majority, which is much higher than the majority detected in General Election in 2017.

Gareth Thomas won the election for Harrow West parliamentary constituency with 25,132 votes and  18.1% majority. Although the vote share change from General Election in 2017 was -8.4% for Gareth Thomas, he still held his position as MP in Harrow West.

For the full announcement of the results watch the video below.


Filmed and edited by Polina Mikhlina