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From magenta velvet to Oompa-Loompa: Inside the glamorous Wonka premiere

The world premiere of Wonka was hosted at the Royal Festival Hall in central London on Tuesday.

The world premiere of Wonka in London. Picture credit: Yasmin

Call Me By Your Name actor, Timothee Chalamet, 27, who plays the movie’s titular character, attended the premiere bare-chested, wearing a magenta velvet-look suit.

Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, who plays Mrs Scrubbit in the movie, and Horrible Histories actor Matthew Baynton, who stars as Fickelgruber in the film, were seen interacting with fans, clicking selfies and signing autographs.

Also at the premiere were actor and comedian Matt Lucas, who plays Prodnose in the upcoming movie, and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson, who potrays a priest in the film.

Comic actor Simon Farnaby, who wrote the screenplay for Wonka alongside Paddington writer and director Paul King, also made it to the premiere.

Elsewhere, Love Actually actor Hugh Grant, who stars as a tiny orange Oompa-Loompa, turned up to the event wearing a white shirt and black suit and tie.

Devoted fans eagerly waited in long queues to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities.

Molly, a fan from Manchester, said: “I travelled like two-and-a-half hours in a train just to be here.”

Several fans mentioned that their primary motivation for attending the premiere was to see Chalamet. “We love Timothee. Coming here for the event is just our way of supporting him,” a group of fans who travelled from East London said.

When asked about their expectations for Chalamet’s portrayal compared to Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp, actors who played Willy Wonka previously, fans expressed hope that Chalamet would bring a brilliant and unique interpretation. 

“Johnny Depp’s Wonka was so quirky, and Gene Wilder’s was so creepy. Maybe both of these elements will be in the upcoming movie. But as all of his (Chalamet’s) previous movies have portrayed a different version of himself. So I’m really excited to see this one,” another avid Chalamet fan said.

Talking about her excitement for the upcoming film, Alba, another fan, said: “I am expecting the movie to be fun. Joyful and colourful. I think it’ll be a great movie.”

“I really expect something that resonates with Gen Z, the new-age youth that are watching films today, the family and also the older folk. Basically, a movie for everybody. Also, a lot of comedy as we know Timothee and Hugh Grant can be really funny,” another fan said. 

Wonka is set to hit cinemas on December 8.

We asked Londoners about the movie and this is what they had to say.