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From laughter to loss: Londoners share their favourite Chandler Bing memories after Matthew Perry’s death

A man engrossed in a newspaper featuring Matthew Perry on the front cover. (Credit: Carys Ladd)

Londoners say that Matthew Perry’s untimely death has left them “saddened and in shock”.

Perry, 54, remembered as Chandler Bing from the hugely popular 90s TV sitcom Friends, was found dead at his LA home on Saturday (October 28).

His initial post-mortem report was inconclusive, while officials await the results of toxicology tests.

AbuBakr (Credit: Somya Singh Deo)

AbuBakr, a 35-year-old journalist working in London, said:  “I felt very sad and really old. I remember the time when me and my friends would gather around and watch friends. Chandler was our favourite character and now he is gone.”

“He died very young,” said fellow Londoner, Ross.

“Watching Friends gave me hope and support when I travelled here (London) from home (India). It felt like I was part of the TV show. My world shook when I read my friend’s Instagram stating that Chandler was dead. It was horrible,” Ambuja, an international student, said.

Although Perry rose to fame as Chandler Bing, Londoners also remember him for the work he did outside the showbiz. “He is remembered for friends, but he also did a lot of work in trying to rehabilitate drug addicts,” said Ahmed, a postgraduate student.

Ahmed (Credit: Sameed Kakroo)

Liam, a construction worker, said: “He was an advocate for mental health awareness apart from being this iconic character in one of the most widely watched TV sitcoms.”

“The news of his death made me extremely sad. Him speaking about mental health helped me and many others like me. People who had lost their will to live. It gave us hope,” said Suraj, another Londoner.

On being asked what their favourite Chandler Bing moment was, this is what Londoners had to say.