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France is predicted to win the World Cup semi-final

Londoners believe that Mbappé is the best player of France and that he will play an important role during the next match.

France reached World Cup semi-finals. Londoners comment about the performance of France. Video credits: Hera Kruja.

France made it to the World Cup 2022 semi-final in Qatar and it will face their former colony Morocco. The match between the two countries will start at 19:00 on 14th December 2022.

Pubs in central London have been packed by football supporters to watch the matches. French fans were celebrating in pubs, as well as the streets, joyfully jumping, dancing and singing.

While comparing the two teams that will play during the next semi-final, Londoners seem to believe that France will win.

Barr Kroter, 25, comments about France’s performance. Photo credits: Hera Kruja

Londoner Barr Kroter, 25, said: “The French team is really good. You can see that they have preserved some of the qualities of the last World Cup. At the moment, they are the favourites to win. Probably the best player is Mbappé.”

Luke Newbould, 18, also agreed that: “Their best player is Mbappé.”

Another Londoner, Chloe Yan, 23, said: “They will probably win the second trophy. They are dominant in the field.”

France is expected to win 2-0 according to predictions, which also include Sports Mole. France appears to be in a strong position in comparison to Morocco.

The team has managed to win all of their last six knockout stage matches at World Cup. This was a historical moment for them.

According to predictions, the France odds are: 6/11 (1.55) – 64.7 percent, while the Morocco odds are expected to be: 7/1 (8.00) – 12.5 percent. The draw odds are anticipated at: 31/10 (4.10) – 24 percent.

France managed to enter the final four without any new injury or concerns of suspension to worry about. Olivier Giroud is the leading male goal scorer of France. He could become the oldest player to score five goals during one World Cup.

In the meantime, Morocco team developed into the first-ever African nation to make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. They have surprised positively the fans of the tournament.

The final of the World Cup is on Sunday, 18th December. The winners of the semi-final will play with Croatia or Argentina.

France has been twice the winner of the past six World Cups, while it reached another final in the past. They won in 1998 and in 2018.

In 1863, the first football club was introduced in France, while the France national Football team started in 1904. European nations have not managed to reach successive World Cup finals for 84 years. Will France change this?